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As a parent, your role and responsibility to your child is almost beyond comprehension. Nearly everything your child learns within his first few years comes from you. That’s why it’s so important to teach your kids about good oral hygiene and health practices.

The best—and easiest—way to teach your kids about good oral hygiene is by attending to good oral health and hygiene yourself. When your children see you brushing, flossing and rinsing after every meal, they come to learn that habit themselves. Most toddlers love to imitate Mommy and Daddy, so make sure you include them.

Kids will also learn their eating habits from you. Snacking frequently throughout the day, drinking sugary drinks and eating candy are all detrimental to your oral health. You want your kids to learn that these behaviors will adversely affect their teeth, so it’s good to talk about the choices you make and the reasons behind them.

Is it time to make oral hygiene and health a priority in your family? If so, Livonia Family Dental is here to help! We have numerous resources we can share about a healthy diet and oral hygiene habits; ask us during your next checkup exam and we’ll help you ensure that your kids have the healthiest teeth on the block.

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