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How soon should your child have his first dental visit? It’s very likely earlier than you might think! The first dental checkup should be scheduled within six months of when your child’s first tooth erupted, or broke through the gum. If this is your first child, you’ll probably learn quite a bit during that first appointment, including how to make sure your child isn’t at risk of tooth decay.

The best way to take care of your baby’s dental health is to practice good oral hygiene. Use a soft, damp cloth and wipe your baby’s gums and any emerging teeth following every feeding, even if it’s just a bottle. Speaking of bottles, don’t fill them with sugary juices or powdered drink mixes.

For optimal dental health, your baby should be weaned from breast and bottle around the time he celebrates his first birthday. Don’t allow your toddler to carry a bottle or sippy cup around during the day. Instead, make any drink other than water part of a meal, with oral hygiene taken care of afterwards. These tips will help ensure that your baby’s dental health has a great start for a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

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