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Ill-fitting dentures and bridges can cause a number of problems, including sore gums, irritation of the check and tongue and even wrinkles; that’s why it’s so important to make sure you have a proper fit at all times. Not only will you need to have a fitting when you first get your dentures, but you’ll also need to have that fitting adjusted over time.

Most denture fittings won’t be accurate past 7 to 10 years, and your dentures should be replaced when they can no longer be fit to your mouth shape. You’ll know your dentures aren’t fitting well when you have persistently sore gums, have to use an adhesive past the adjustment period or begin experiencing speech or chewing problems.

To keep your dentures looking and fitting great, make sure to use only a toothpaste designed for dentures. Soak them at night, preferably for at least eight hours, in a solution intended to clean and disinfect them. Finally, remember that dentures are made of a plastic material and should never be dropped or worn when in need of repair. If you have questions about your dentures or are considering this dental appliance, schedule an appointment at Livonia Family Dental today.

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